Seattle Air Quality Testing

Cleaner Air Driven by Committed Care.

About PNW Mold Medics

Founded in 2023, our mission is to establish ourselves as the leading air quality testing experts in the greater Seattle area and become the go-to choice for PNWers. By prioritizing our values and clients’ safety we aim to protect our community from hazardous toxins creating healthier homes and more secure environments.

David Mulqueen


  • Bio: The visionary behind it all and the proud owner of our PNW Mold Medics. David is a people-first business owner with a passion for excellence, an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and a soft spot for old cars imported from Japan.
  • Likes: Sailing, Splitboarding, Overlanding
  • Dislikes: DIY Bathroom renovations

expert indoor air quality inspector

Natalie Fields

Operations Manager

  • Bio: Natalie has an unyielding commitment to precision. With a wealth of experience in orchestrating seamless operations, Natalie is the driving force behind the efficiency that defines PNW Mold Medics. Her knack for turning chaos into order ensures that every aspect of our projects runs like a well-oiled machine.
  • Likes: Puzzles, Escape Rooms
  • Dislikes: Unorganized Spaces

well rated indoor air quality inspector

Matthew Harper

Team Lead

  • Bio: With a passion for fostering teamwork and cultivating a positive work environment, Mattew brings both energy and expertise to the forefront. As the point person for our dedicated technicians, Matthew ensures that our team operates at the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Likes: The Outdoors, Training His Pup
  • Dislikes: I-5 Traffic

trusted indoor air quality inspector

Mark Rodriguez

Certified Technician

  • Bio: Known for his meticulous approach to air quality testing. Mark combines technical prowess with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every test conducted is thorough and accurate.
  • Likes: Sailing, Fishing
  • Dislikes: Holy Cheese